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Who are we?

We are a happily married couple who live in the wet tropics of northeast Australia and have been in this area for over thirty years.

We hold a design certificate in Permaculture and actively work on our 1/4-acre block pursuing the optimal yard design.

Our desired design includes food diversity, food security, and production consistency with as little management or maintenance as possible. We target perennials to supply regular harvests with minimal input.

This journey started in 2015 with the PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate course). It is only now after seven years of development, experience, and mistakes behind us, that we are comfortable sharing the methods we employ to maintain a relatively resilient life within an increasingly unstable world.

PDC certificate

What content is on site?

Our content is directed towards low-cost food security, and our mindset is plant once, pick for years.

Most articles are based on the plants we have on-site and include our observations and experiences with that plant. Within some articles, you will find references to our yard described as a system.

You will also find in-depth articles on food preparation and preservation techniques that we use and favor. We have well over twenty years of expertise in food preservation, including practices such as dehydration, water bath, and pressure canning.

We love what we do and trust that shows in the articles we write and share. There is a good chance some observations we share will be counter to other information online, and we can only say that what we write is what we see and do.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by. We hope you enjoy your time with us.

Tui and Tim.